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Brief historical account of the House

In the city of Quito, Ecuador, in the month of September of 2001, a group of professionals studying ancestral philosophies, united by the sincere wish to serve mankind and relieve suffering, decided to found HOUSE, House of Wisdom, with the intention of imparting fundamental knowledge to determine the cause of human suffering and to find definitive answers to our conflicts.

In this way, their first inspiration was to offer help based on the ancient wisdom of all the spiritual cultures, and apply their solutions to the modern world.

To this end, they thought House should establish centers around the world, where their conscious servants could lend their services to whoever found themselves in difficulty.

In the past they assisted in international meetings focusing on humanitarian themes, such as: ecology, nutrition, the resolution of conflicts on the path to peace, holistic solutions in elevating the human condition, among other issues. There they associated with people whose attitude of service completely complemented their ideals. Active groups then formed of professionals who are willing to lend their services as conscious volunteers of HOUSE.

A conscious volunteer is is any professional or dedicated person who assumes the responsibility to seriously serve society in the areas of their expertise.

In olden times, one who appreciated the true essence of life was considered wise and conscious.

Following through in this development, HOUSE will begin to affiliate with individual people, specialists, ONG's, and educational institutions, to have the maximum effect it its intent to serve humanity.

The proposed action was realized months later with the founding of the House of Wisdom - FUCASA in the year 2001 and FUCASACOR in Costa Rica in the year 2002.

From the very first moment that these two first entities in our worldwide program were conceived in the heart of its founders, they have not stopped working on the construction of a solid structure to continue this Life Project.

House of Wisdom is synthesized in the spanish word CASA, (or HOUSE) a word that was chosen for its profound content that clearly expresses the object of our service.

CA signifies house, refuge, protection (casa in Spanish).
SA signifies wisdom, knowledge, illumination (sabiduria in Spanish).

The logo that represents HOUSE is the Truly, a construction based on the natural lines of energy of the earth, and the organic nature of eternity. Since ancient times the truly was considered "The Home of the Sages and the Loving and Conscious Refuge that we all need."

By mid 2004 HOUSE already has groups working in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Switzerland, the Philippines, and Germany.

Acting under the slogan "House Welcomes You", the pilot worldwide program works full-time in Ecuador and consists of an executive team which deals with materials for publicity and the fundamental administration to open its doors and lend its loving service to society.


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